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As printable lovers know, printing stickers can take up a LOT of ink. I get a lot of questions about what kind of printer I use etc, and thought it also be time for me to share with you how I print stickers, dashboards etc for my planner for really cheap, if not free!

When I first started my shop, I was using a Canon printer. I liked how fast it was, but the quality just wasn't up to my hopes. I switched to an HP printer back in March, and I couldn't be happier! Not only was the quality so much better, I now had a printer that was eligible for the HP Instant Ink program.

With the HP Instant, you're able to print for free using their free printing plan, or print larger quantities (if you're a sticker lover like me!) for free for months using HP Instant Ink promo codes. 

What was amazing when I first set up my Instant Ink account was that I had gotten myself 5 months of FREE INK. Had I known even more about the program (like what I'm going to be sharing with you today), I could have gotten even more! 

I no longer needed to spend $40+ on Ink cartridges, or save ink by printing sparingly or printing on a lower quality setting. I'm now able to print on the HIGHEST quality for free or really cheap.

Here's a look at what HP Instant Ink Program is:

HP Instant Ink is an ink cartridge replacement service. They offer several affordable plans where the fee is based on how many pages you print a month. HP receives information from your printer letting them know when you're running low on ink. When your ink gets low, HP send out new ink to your door before you run out. You can save up to 50% on ink that's ordered by your printer and delivered right to you.

To be eligible for the service, you'll need a printer that is HP Instant Ink ready. There's lots of printers that fit all budgets.

How to get several months of free ink when you sign up:

  • Get one month free when you use my referral link or my referral code pRpZB. I'll also get a free month - so thanks!
  • Most new HP printers come with 3 months free trial of Instant Ink. Look for the code included in your printers packaging, or contact HP Customer Service here.
  • Check online for any discount codes. Here's some codes that worked for me, or have worked for others.
    *Not all codes will work at any given time. Try them out and see if you can score some extra fee ink!

Several plans to meet your needs:

There's even a FREE plan if you only print 15 pages/month.
*You cannot downgrade to the free printing plan if you've already signed up for a paid plan. If you want touse the free printing plan, make sure to choose that when you first sign up.

50 or 100 pages per month should be fine for most planner babes, but for just $10 a month, you'd really never need to worry about running out of ink again! Print as much as you want.

If your printing needs are lower one month, your unused pages are rolled over to the next month.

If you print more than your plan allows, you'll only be charged $1 for every 10/20/25 additional pages you use, depending on your plan.

You can also cancel at any time if you're not unhappy, but I can't see that happening. You can even cancel on your last free month.

Referral Program:

Once you're signed up for Instant Ink, you'll be given a referral code. Each time someone signs up using your referral code or link, you'll get another free month!

* This post is NOT sponsored. I am just a sincere lover of this program. My referral code will simply award us both an extra free month of ink!

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