Our Story

I can't believe I get to sit here right now and talk about how I started this shop. I won't say it was "my dream" to do this, because honestly, this wasn't planned. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to do this everyday, and share my creations with you - but I never imagined I'd have the ability to be here, in my pjs, talking to you all about stickers. Ahhh! What a dream!

Before Lahlaland, I was just a regular retail employee. While I didn't hate my job, it definitely wasn't the reason I got up in the morning. My friend Hailey and I took a shopping trip in early 2017, and that's where I picked up my first planner: a BIG Happy Planner from Michaels. I immediately took to Etsy and started buying and printing my own stickers - cutting them out by hand with scissors. Back then, I was such a newbie to planning that I didn't understand why the Classic HP kits I was buying weren't fitting into my BHP. Woops!
I started making my own stickers to fit my BHP and fell in love! As time went on, I upgraded my sticker paper, bought a Silhouette and started making stickers for friends too. In September of 2017, I started my Etsy shop LahlalandStudio, and it's been a crazy ride ever since!
I can't say I have much of a personal life outside the shop, but when I'm not working on the shop or planning, you'll likely find me playing The Sims. If you're a fellow Simmer, send me a message! I LOVE finding new Simmer friends <3
Enjoy your stay, and I hope you find something to make your planner pretty!
(psst; check out the freebies section. lots of goodies in there!)
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