Rewards FAQ

** DISCLAIMER: Donuts can only be earned on the website. Donut points are not valid or earned on Etsy.

1. What are "Donuts"?

Donuts are points you earn on our site that you can use towards discounts on your purchases in the shop! 

2. How do I earn Donuts?

You immediately receive 100 Donuts when you sign up for a store account. After that, you receive 4 Donuts for every $1 you spend in the shop.

3. Are there other ways to earn Donuts?

Yes! If you add your birthday to your store account, we'll add some birthday points to your account as a special gift! You can also earn points through our referral program!


4. How can I spend Donuts?

Rewards for Donuts are as followed:

Get $5 off your purchase when you collect 250 Donuts.
Get $10 off your purchase when you collect 400 Donuts.
Get $25 off your purchase when you collect 900 Donuts.



You may only apply one coupon code per transaction at checkout. Therefore, if you wish to use a sale coupon (ex: 40% off your order or a PR team code), and use a discount code to redeem X amount off your order using Donut points, you will need to make 2 SEPARATE transactions. Shopify works like Etsy where we cannot use multiple codes at checkout.

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